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In 1969 Mario Amati, founder and designer of Itama, brought to life an idea he had cherished for years. He started to build a new generation of exceptional high performance motorboats with a timeless style. The name of the brand is simply his surname ?Amati? written backwards. Thus began the story of this brand and the success of its instantly recognizable open yachts. A success that continues today together with the Ferretti Group, which acquired Itama in 2004.

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Ferretti is an Italian manufacturer of yacht founded in 1968. Originally the company manufactured small boats and in 1971 it developed the first motor yacht. Currently the company is specialized in the field of motor boats and more specifically in the construction of luxury yacht. The group, based in Forli, is a world leader in the design, the construction of luxury yachts and sports boats between 7 and 80 meters.

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Pershing combines the design, production and marketing of luxury motor yachts called ?open? for over 25 years and now enjoys a position firmly established as one of the biggest names in the ?Made in Italy? in the sector of fiberglass yachts. Pershing range is distinguished by its superior performance, style constantly sought, materials of high quality and elaborately designed interiors that offer ultimate comfort. Construction methods advanced, powerful engines reaching 7400 MHP, use of surface propellers, jets of gas turbines?all of these strengths allowed to give to Pershing boats, speed sports and finishing peak up to 52 knots .

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The Capelli?s site provides all boaters one of the most complete and accomplished range on the market, adapted to all possible uses, whether recreational or professional. Range 'TEMPEST is recognized in the world of semi-rigid as one of the market leaders, thanks to its brilliant performances, guaranteed by its deep hull 'v', giving it exceptional qualities of comfort and safety.
These strengths have always characterized CAPELLI products. Boats are sold exclusively in the network YAMAHA, this association ensures reliability and performance.

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The Jeanneau story begins in 1957 when Henri Jeanneau built a wooden hull in the paternal hardware store, at Herbiers and was committed to '6 hours from Paris.' This first result strengthend his enthusiasm, and the boat will become his profession.
In early 1960, the turn of polyester created an unprecedented breakthrough opens the way to mass production. Jeanneau launched its first polyester boats in 1961, this is the beginning of a great saga of boats built more than 1500 copies. Since its acquisition in 1995, it is part of the Beneteau Group.
Now, Jeanneau is one of the largest shipyards in France

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1842. Iseo Lake. A sudden storm destroyed all the boats in the area. A young carpenter performed a miracle, and repaired on most boats, which earned him the respect and admiration of the people of the city.
Thus began the Riva story. The carpenter was Pietro Riva. Pietro opened his site here, where it all began. Riva quickly became a well-known company, highly valued and the work of construction has continued to flourish under the direction of Ernesto Riva, who succeeded his father. Ernesto introduced technical innovations that have raised the quality of craftsmanship. After World War I, Serafino Riva managed the company. The 50s were the years Carlo Riva, and those of boating, the brand became synonymous with elegance and perfection thanks to the choice of materials and the care taken to detail.

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